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St. Michael's Veteran's Support Center

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

I have begun a pilot program for Veterans and their families, our heroes who have made many sacrifices “Visible and Invisible” as well as the ultimate sacrifice. With the Veterans Administration (VA) cutting services to our veterans, especially in the area of mental health, I have formed a non-profit designed to provide those services that the VA is eliminating. As soon as this program is deemed a success, I will be replicating it in other cities and states as well. I will be adding a food pantry, attention to the homeless veterans problems, and additional programming as the expressed unmet needs of the veterans that are voiced to this program, and as finances allow. There is already interest in researching a transportation program for seriously needy vets needing a car to be able to work, so as to to provide for their families.

All this requires funding in substantial amounts, so I am looking for cumulative grants of at least $5 million dollars to get this program off the ground & be able to fully fund the programs for St. Michael's Veteran's Support Center here in Colorado and future sites and in other states.

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