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Veteran suicides: It is a fact that presently, one  veteran commits suicide every hour of every day, this means that there are 8,760 needless death every year.

St. Michael's intends to have programs to give these "At-Risk" Veterans a reason to live!

New challenge: I'm challenging ALL 2 go 2 & make a $1-$5 recurring donation monthly. I need 1 million people to do so now! This will mean that we could move forward and open  new facility like every few months until there are at least one facility in every state. We will also explore a facility for Veterans to transition back to civilian life.

Also: If you make a $5 donation made monthly & recurring & I will send you a Bible from St. Michael's Veteran's Support Center. This Bible is the Armed Services Ministry 200th Anniversary Edition

Army Medals

Non-Profit: St. Michael's Makes a Splash with Fundraiser

We shall have fundraisers to get everyone involved and become part of the "St. Michael's" family.

Soldier and Family Reunion

1-on-1 with St. Michael's Veteran's Support Center CEO

Want to ask some questions, have a concern, just want to talk?     Fr. Larry is here to answer, listen and talk. Give me a call: 719-641-4734

Veteran Memorial Service

From Idea to Reality: The Evolution of St. Michael's Veteran's Support Center

Come learn the whys and how St. Michael's has come to be. It's all based on the needs of our Veterans, our Heroes !

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