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The Full Story


I have started a pilot program for Veterans and their families, our heroes who have made many sacrifices “Visible and Invisible” as well as the ultimate sacrifice. With the Veterans Administration (VA) cutting services to our veterans, especially in the area of mental health, I have formed a non-profit designed to provide those services that the VA is eliminating. As soon as this program is deemed a success, I will be replicating it in other cities and states as well. I will be adding a food pantry, attention to the homeless veterans problems, and additional programming as the expressed unmet needs of the veterans that are voiced to this program, and as finances allow. There is already interest in researching a transportation program for seriously needy vets needing a car to be able to work, so as to to provide for their families.

All this requires funding in substantial amounts, so I am looking for cumulative grants of at least $5 million dollars to get this program off the ground & be able to fully fund the programs for St. Michael's Veteran's Support Center here in Colorado and future sites and in other states.

I will have the website out in about a week so I will be putting it out for thousands of veterans to visit and respond to it. I’m also looking for input from ALL vets, as to programs/programming you think would be needed and helpful!


Thank You and God Bless,

Rev. Fr. Larry Kirchner

Anglican Priest/Veteran


The mission of St. Michael's Veteran's Support Center:

We shall work for the veteran to have a better life, to be  there for vets experiencing difficulties, provide a safe place to find assistance, listen to the veterans unmet needs and do what we can to satisfy those needs, and very importantly, advocate for the Veteran always. 


The vision for the St. Michael's Veteran's Support Center is to provide services being lost due to the Veterans Administration (VA) cutting services. This is especially true in the area of mental health issues. Then they wonder why the Veteran suicide rate continues to rise. So in fact they have just left Veterans figure out their difficulties for themselves, then if they cannot continue the may make that sad decision to end  their own lives. I will NOT accept this so St. Michael's is born for their support.

As a pilot program, it is my intention to, once the first operation is deemed a success, replicate  the entire program in other cities and states across the country. So far, I am covering all costs related to the process, so it is much slower than I would hope for...  ALL donations will be used 100% for current and future costs of doing this work for such a worthy cause. Your donations shall be tax deductible as soon as I  the application for 501 C 3 status is approved. 

God Bless, I will sound the bugle when we can open the doors for programming to our Veterans who have already made sacrifices for the freedoms we enjoy.  Thank You and God Bless you.

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