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All About Me


My name is Fr. Larry Kirchner, an Anglican Priest and Navy Veteran. I have been an educator having taught Elementary, Middle & High School and even 4 years at the University of Wisconsin at River Falls. I'm married 42 years, with 2 sons. I have a BS in Elementary Education, a MS in Reading, a MS in Special Education, and a Master of Divinity. My having PTSD and losing services inspired me to form the non-profit: St. Michael's Veteran's Support Center. Our complete mission  will be to provide support to the Veterans who served our country and made sacrifices including the ultimate sacrifice for many. With the Veteran suicide rate continuing to rise, one Veteran commits suicide every hour of every day meaning that 8,736 Veterans die every year and more with the rise continuing. This is so NOT acceptable!  Our mission will be to see these numbers decrease. We shall have various other programs listed else where on this site. This work has been placed on my heart by the Lord and there is so much to do. Please consider your freedoms fought for by our Veterans and make a donation today.

God Bless,

Fr. Larry

Hey There

It's all good to hear that this is an admirable cause but sad when you do nothing. Our Veterans deserve more than verbal accolades ... they deserve your respect and action in the form of a donation. It's simple, just click on the donation link on the first page and then scroll down a bit and click on the widget to donate. The rest is explained in the process of supporting those who have supported you.





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